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Developer: Tapbots
Price: $0.99
Version reviewed: 1.00

iPhone Integration: 5 stars
User Interface Rating: 5 stars
Re-use/Replay Value: 4.5 stars
Overall Rating: 4.8 stars!

Convertbot is a high-tech unit conversion ‘robot’ for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Convertbot has an amazing UI, it is designed beautifully and it really gives you that
high-tech gadget feeling. You rotate the wheel to choose the category you want to convert,
then tap on it; now you can select the unit etc. Lovely robotic sounds are produced with each tap.

Convertbot is unlike other conversion apps not just because of the innovative interface but also because it
can convert combined values for example lets say I’m 164 cm I want to know how tall I am in feet and inches, now
all I have to do is select Centimeters and the ‘ft+in’ option and type in the values and VOILA! there’s my result (5ft 4in).

Now for first time users how might find it hard Convertbot features a demo that shows you exactly how to use this app, everything
is explained perfectly so you fully understand how to use it.

So to sum everything up Convertbot is probably the best unit conversion app I have used so far it has a beautiful interface and the ability to
convert two combined units which in my opinion in pretty useful and on top of all of that it costs $0.99 ! So what have you got to lose. Go ahead and try Convertbot now!

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The iPhone Unit Converter

Developer:  Crossroad solutions
Price: $0.99
Version reviewed 1.6.5

iPhone Integration Rating: 4 stars
User Interface Rating: 5 stars
Re-use/Replay Value Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating: 4.5 stars 

One thing I love about my iPhone is how there are so many educational apps on the appstore, so I decided to review a program called Units.  Units is a unit converter that acts like a calculator.  It has a number pad like a calculator, but it has 4 buttons along the top: mode, from, to, and setting.  There are even three user-swappable buttons on the side for your favorite conversions.  The picture below explains what I’m saying.

Units Interface (looks like a calculator)

Units Interface (looks like a calculator)

The interface is really simple and looks fantastic, but it takes about 5 minutes to get used to.  It feels like an aluminum Casio calculator, nice brushed aluminum and nice plastic keys.  One thing that the company should add though is a landscape (sideways) mode, giving you more user-swappable buttons, currencies, and extra features directly on the screen.  

Overall, Units is a pretty awesome app.  Costing only 99 cents, Units is a must have for students. Period. 

 Check out the developers website at: crossroad solutions – iPhone – Units

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