ComicZeal (iPhone) Review

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Developer: bitolithic
Price: $2.99
Version reviewed: 2.08

iPhone Integration: 5 stars
User Interface Rating: 5 stars
Re-use/Replay Value: 5 stars
Overall Rating: 5 stars!

ComicZeal is an innovative, amazing comic book reader for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

The application has a beautiful interface and in my opinion it is very well thought out.
Your comics are presented on appealing wooden shelves with the cover of your comic. If you have 2 or more comics
that belong to the same series then they are placed into boxes. Once your finished reading your comic a plastic sleeve is placed on it giving you that
authentic comic book collector feeling.If you need to exit the app for some reason and you were in the middle of reading your comic book it leaves a bookmark
there and lets you go back to where you left off the next time you start the app. Incase you don’t want any of these cool graphics you can turn them off in
the Settings appication (I don’t know why you would though).
Tap the comic and it will begin the viewer.

Now the viewer is well designed you can either use this toolbar to scroll through pages or flick them yourself. You can zoom in and out
aswell the standard iPhone way.
I was very excited when I got this app because I really wanted to read my comic book collection on my iPhone and luckily for me
this app has free software to accomodate with it called ComicZeal Sync which allows you to sync your very own CBR, CBZ, PDF and many other
comic book formats to your iPhone/iPod Touch.The sync literally is completed in seconds and you can begin reading your very own comics straight away!

Well that sums up about everything and all I can say is that this is THE best comic book reader I have used so far on the iPhone it contains everything an app should have
a beautiful interface, easy and convineant controls and a high replay value. You could probably never get tired of this app if you have a large comic book
collection like me. It’s worth the price and totally awesome.

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Knockem for the iPhone Review

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Developer: eBattalion

Price: $0.99

Version reviewed: 1.0

iPhone Integration: 5 stars

User Interface Rating: 4 stars

Re-use/Replay Value: 4.5 stars

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

Knockem is a very entertaining and addictive game for the iPhone/iPod Touch and is very handy if you have

5 minutes to spare for a quick round. It can be played for short bursts or long periods of time.

According to the dev Knockem is primarily designed for kids, however it is fun for all

ages and I have to admit I totally agree.

The aim of the game is to “knock” all the weird creatures that come on your screen by flicking this ball at

them with your finger.

You make combos if you hit two creatures in a row and so on.

You lose a life when one of the creatures reaches the red square in the middle of your screen.

It is really easy to get used to the game and you’ll probably learn how to play within seconds!

There is one thing I really like about this game and that is you can quit at anytime and resume

from where you left off.

However if I could improve something in this game it would definately be the graphics. I find the creatures movements

paper-like left foot up, right foot down and so on; I thought they could have been a bit better.

Otherwise Knockem is an addictive game which you can easily play when you have a little time to spare and on top of

all that it only costs $0.99 !

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Knockem 1

Knockem 3

CandyShell (iPhone 3G Case) Review

Speck Candyshell (Watermelon Gumball)

Speck Candyshell (Watermelon Gumball)

Company: Speck
Product: CandyShell for iPhone 3G
Price: $34.95

Looks: 10/10
Durability: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

Those have been following me on Twitter, know that I never bought a case for my iPhone.  When I got my iPhone 3G, I quickly bought a Speck Pixel-Skin, which is a really nice silicon case.  Although I liked the soft case, I needed one with the strength of a hard case, with the grip and flexibility of a soft case. The Speck CandyShell fit that category perfectly.  It comes in 4 colors (Lemondrop Liquorice, Key Lime Jawbreaker, Cranberry White Truffle, and Watermelon Gumball), and costs  $34.95.

The real magic of the CandyShell is it’s design.  The inside and corners of the case are rubberized and offers shock absorption while retaining the durability and sleekness of a hard shell.  The case can actually bend and twist!  It comes with a removable screen protector film and cleaning cloth!  But the best part of the case is that the Sleep/Wake and Volume buttons are protected by the soft material of the case.

I tested the CandyShell for 3 ½ weeks, and for a few days, I had some concerns.  First of all, it was really hard to insert and remove the iPhone out of the case.  On top, the sleep wake button took a lot of effort to press.  In fact, you can see some nail marks on the rubber portion of the case directly above the sleep/wake button.  These problems bugged me for the first 3-4 days, but on the fifth day, I was able to quickly remove the phone and I could easily press the sleep/wake button.

Other than that, the CandyShell was a delicious treat that looked attractive and protective, and iPhones everywhere should be honored to be protected and covered with one of these.

Pros: Lightweight, durable, and has the best parts of a soft case and a hard case blended in one.

Cons: Sleep/Wake rubber coating on case is a little hard to press, and it is a little hard taking off the case from the phone.  But you get used to it fairly quick.

Chess Pro Review

Developer: 99Games

Price: $3.99

Version Reviewed: 1.2

iPhone Integration Rating: 3

User Interface Rating: 4

Reuse/Replay Value: 5

Overall: 4

Chess Pro is an intuitive application that allows you to play chess on your iPhone. With a realistic gameplay, hints for beginners, and 2-player mode, it’s a must-have for chess lovers.

The UI on this game was pretty good, but the menu wouldn’t respond for a few seconds sometimes when I was testing it out, which is annoying because you think that the app is going to crash (that’s even more annoying:). My personal experience with the game was pretty good, thanks to the hints, but I still lost. I haven’t tried the two player mode yet, though. The Reuse/Replay Value is high not necessarily because the app is good, but because chess is really fun.

Overall, Chess Pro is a good application. At a low price of $3.99, Chess Pro is a pretty good deal.

Hell’s Kitchen Review

Developer: Ludia

Price: ON SALE at $2.99

Version Reviewed: 1.0.3

iPhone Integration Rating: 3

User Interface Rating: 4

Reuse/Replay Value: 5

Overall: 4

Hell’s Kitchen is an game application emulating the famous show Hell’s Kitchen. It features multiple account possibility on one iPhone, a great gameplay, and a great imitation of the show.

The User Interface features just a touchscreen menu and gameplay. There are ways to incorporate the accelerometer, but this would change the whole gameplay. There is an arcade mode and career mode. I personally tested the career mode, as that is the funner one, and the most advanced one. The UI is above average, but not amazing, so it got 4 stars. The reuse/replay value is very good on this game as the career mode is long but entertaining, and you can always play the arcade mode.

Overall, Hell’s Kitchen is a very good application. With its great gameplay and low price of just 3 bucks (again it’s on sale, so buy now if you want it), it’s really entertaining and a great imitation of the show.

(Hell’s Kitchen is rated 4+, in case anyone has little siblings/kids who love the iPhone)

Cro-Mag Rally Review

Developer: Pangea Software, Inc.

Price: $1.99

Version Reviewed: 1.0.4

iPhone Integration Rating: 5

User Interface Rating: 4

Reuse/Replay Value: 3

Overall Rating: 4

Cro-Mag Rally is a racing application used for entertainment. It features accelerometer use, audio, and some good old fashioned racing fun!

The UI in Cro-Mag Rally was OK, the quick tips that come up were on a tiny screen, which I found was not a good use of space as lots was said in that little popup. The menu interface was normal, and once in the game the graphics were pretty good. My experiance with the application only came across one audio bug, but I really liked the game (especially since I came in 1st place in my first race!)

Overall Cro-Mag Rally is a very good app. Costing just 2 bucks, you can’t go wrong purchasing this app!

NotePad Review

Developer: Polar Bear Farm Ltd.

Price: $4.99

Version Reviewed:1.5

iPhone Integration Rating: 5

User Interface Rating: 5

Reuse/Replay Value: 2

Overall NotePad Rating: 4

NotePad is an easy to use productivity application that is used to type notes on the iPhone, taking advantage of some of the phone’s great features. Things like special types of folders, shake to write, and other stuff make the app really awesome.

NotePad’s UI is an amazing one, featuring just a few easy-to-use buttons, and my personal favorite feature: you can shake your iPhone once or twice to make a new note. The keyboard is just like the keyboard on other applications, nothing special. Another cool feature is how you can make keyword or location-specific folders, making the app very advanced. My personal experience with the application was good, there was one bug that I managed to take a picture of (look at the screenshot with the popup), but other than that, the application ran very smoothly and I was very happy with it.

Overall, NotePad is an OK app. Since it is $4.99 but has the same core function as Notes, which comes free with any iPhone/iPod Touch, NotePad is priced too high. The cool features make it very modern and intuitive, though.