This Week in Tech

Hey guys,

I thought I’d try out something new today, so here it is. I’m going to name out a few interesting articles in tech today, and give brief summaries of them. Please comment if you want me to do more of these!

  1. More Competition for the iPhone as LG is hsowing off their new LG Xenon, a touch-screen phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. Having seen the video review, some things have been copied from Apple, and others, like their browser, just suck. Overall, the phone is pretty good, though.
  2. Companies are still green as despite these tough times they continue to invest in Green projects in the long-term.
  3. Microsoft and Google are fighting against eachother to make an ad deal with Twitter. Hopefully Twitter rejects this, because we don’t want ads on our Twitter:)
  4. EA will be losing a strong arm when Sims and Sim City creator Will Wright leaves EA. As if the 4-month Sims 3 delay didn’t make people mad enough!
  5. Intel is still at the top in CPU market share, though Qualcomm gained a 15%+ growth in 2007-2008! Intel’s ’07-’08 growth lowered by 0.5%.

That’s about it. As for TeenCast, we are working on the Twitter problems (it’s driving me nuts how the feed is almost always down).


New Year’s Day Giveaway!

Guess what? The year’s almost over! To celebrate the start of 2009, we have an iPhone app give away planned. Check back at midnight (Pacific Time) to see the giveaway. May we suggest that you follow teencast on twitter? It might help you win!

Rules for Winning iPhone Apps

We occasionally give out promo codes on our Twitter feed.  These promo codes will let you download an iPhone application from iTunes!  I know you’re excited to get free iPhone apps, so here are the instructions:

  1. Go to the Teencast twitter feed.
  2. Enter the code into iTunes Click here to try the code ( or click redeem under Quick Links in iTunes)
  3. Remember that we only have one code, so the first person the enter it into iTunes wins it.
  4. Don’t Cheat (I’m not sure how you would… just don’t)

Twitter is Here!

In preparation for MacWorld, we’re trying to get the TeenCast twitter feed displayed right on the main page! We plan to be posting and tweeting from the MacWorld show floor. If you notice any changes in the blog’s design; we’re probably testing Twitter out. Once we get the Twitter feed up and running on the blog, we’ll tell you, so that you will know where to look during MacWorld!


As you may know already, TeenCast has a Twitter feed. We plan to use Twitter to keep you updated about MacWorld. In preparation for MacWorld, we’re got the TeenCast twitter feed to display right on the main page! We plan to be blogging and tweeting from the MacWorld show floor. If you notice any changes in the blog’s design; we’re probably just tweaking Twitter’s display. We also have a Flickr photostream to show you what’s happening at MacWorld and we might put screenshots of applications on the photostream as well.

Enjoy Twitter and Flickr!

Twittelator Pro iPhone Review


Developer:  Big Stone Phone
Price: $4.99
Version reviewed 1.6

iPhone Integration Rating: 3 stars
User Interface Rating: 3 stars
Re-use/Replay Value Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating: 3.5 stars 

I have to admit it, I’m a twitterholic.  That’s why I decided to review twittelator Pro which is a twitter client for the iPhone.  The reason I chose to review this application was because it is very feature complete.  Here are some features of Twittelator Pro:

Tweet themes: Robin, Canary and Martin to match your mood
As many Twitter accounts as you want
Switch between accounts fast
Post pictures, library images and maps of your location
Post high resolution photos to
Full access to complete Twitter Search
Persistent Searches for “re-searching”
Copy tweets and paste links and images
Send links from Safari to new Tweets
Large font for very readable Tweets
Explore Public Timeline
Explore Friends of Friends of Friends…
Help! button in case of emergency
Bookmarks for tweets and searches
Built-in web browser to view links
Tap top bar to scroll to top of Tweets
Bottom bar has page down control
Log file to see server info
Turn off capitalization and auto correction
Emoji  Button when adding tweets

As you can see, the app has a lot of innovative features.  One that I REALLY love is the Copy and Paste feature.  I know what you’re thinking: iPhone doesn’t have copy and paste!  But in Twittelator Pro, you can copy and paste tweets within the application.  This is really useful for re-tweeting  or if you want to paste one message or tweet across many Twitter accounts since you can set up multiple twitter accounts with Twittelator Pro.

The user interface (UI) is mediocre.  There are 5 buttons that are squished along the bottom of the app.  The buttons are:
Tweet button 
Scroll Down Button
Server Access Log

I feel that the developer only needs to put two buttons on the bottom bar of the app: The Tweet and Settings button.  The reason I am saying this is because most people don’t really want to see the server access log, and if you really want to see it, it should be in the settings panel or some other preference screen.  The developer should also eliminate the refresh button and instead enable the user to shake the iPhone to refresh your tweets.  But honestly, I think that the most awkward button is the Scroll Down button.  Why?  Because you can already flick your finger to scroll down and it comes so natural to every iPhone user. So why would you need another scroll method to scroll down your tweets?  I been testing this app for a week and a half, and I never needed to use that button.  So just to recap what I’m saying, the developer should remove the Refresh, Scroll Down, and Server Access Log button from the bottom bar. 

Overall, Twittelator Pro is the best iPhone twitter client I have used so far, but it badly needs some UI cleaning.  Besides that, Twittelator Pro is a pretty satisfying app.  I wouldn’t recommend buying it at $4.99, but I would definitely recommend buying it if the developer lowers the price to $3.99 or $2.99.

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