iGraffiti Review

Developer:   Big Stone Phone
Price:  $4.99
Version Reviewed:  1.1

iPod Touch Integration Rating: 4.5
User Interface Rating: 4
Re-use/Replay Value Rating: 3.5
Overall Rating: 4


You would think Graffiti is something simple, nothing special, and there isn’t much you could do to make it interesting.  I did too, until I found iGraffiti. iGraffiti uses the touch & multitouch element of the iPhone and allows you to take and draw on either a blank “canvas” or on a photo from your iPhoto library.  You can publish you final creation on a site dedicated to showing off your artwork, and being able look at other people’s artwork as well (known as Art Space).  You can also save your artwork or assign it to a contact (probably most useful on an iPhone).  You can also pinch and zoom in on a photo, if the setting is activated.  

When I first opened the application, I was a little confused at what to do and where to go.  After being asked if I wanted a plank page or picture I just started to push to buttons, attempting to figure out what the symbols were representing.  After navigating my way through the menu’s, I found you can change every detail of the graffiti.  You can choose from shadows to effects, and everything in-between.  Colors were shown in a stack of 6 rows and 48 crayons altogether.  During my testing period, I was not able to locate any glitches in the application, but I would enjoy a feature that allows you to take pictures from you Photo library and change their effects/themes altogether (similar to Photo Booth effects).  

Overall, I had fun with this app and there are many useful features to choose from and use, but at $4.99, I think that the application should have more features and that it should be lowered in price($2.99, max).  If you have the money to spend on it, and are aware you wont use it very often, then go for it.  It is very entertaining at times, and it is a fun time waster.