Tap Tap Dance iPhone Review

Does the word Tapulous ring a bell?  If it doesn’t, they are the creators of some of the most finest iPhone apps like Tap Tap Revenge, Collage, and Twinkle; just to name a few, and they just created another app called  Tap Tap Dance.  The app is very polished and is a “bag of fun!” 🙂 .  I don’t really see where the whole “dance” idea fits in there because it seems like a better version of Tap Tap Revenge, but still it is a pretty sensational app.  Like my review of MotionX Poker Quest,  I will divide this review into parts.  The parts are Graphics, First Impressions, Reuse Value, and Final Verdict.

We have seen a lot of Tapulous’ apps, and saying that they look nice is a huge understatement, and Tap Tap Dance stays up to par.  The game user interface (UI) is really straightforward and pretty nice looking.  They also got creative with this one by putting really cool decorative designs during gameplay.  The graphics are nice, but it is a little coarse and rough when playing a song, especially in two player mode.  Knowing Tapulous, this will probably be fixed in a upcoming update.
First Impressions:
When you open Tap Tap Dance, the interface looks a little bare.  It only has three buttons labeled One Player, Two Player, and Options & Tutorial.  When you click on the One Player or Two Player button, it opens up a nice little check list of 4 songs.  You have to complete the first 3 songs with an accuracy of 85% or higher to unlock the last song of each level.  Personally, I like this strategy better compared to the app Tap Tap Revenge, because it gives you something to work   play for.  
When playing a song, you are greeted with a interface similar to Tap Tap Revenge, only waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy better.  The scenery is different for the last song of each level.  The basic interface is shown below:
 primary-taptapdanceNow, you might be thinking that this is no different from Tap Tap Revenge, but believe me, you will feel the difference.  Gameplay is way funner (yes, I know that isn’t a word) when compared to Tap Tap Revenge because when you press on the dot or circle at the correct time, it emits a beautiful looking wave confirming that you hit it.  It also keeps the beat of the song.
Reuse Value
My favorite category I like to review is how many times I use the application because there are some really nice iPhone apps that I have, but  I never use them, and personally, I think that this game is addicting all the way through.  I was opening this app at bus-stops, during lunch breaks, basically whenever I got the chance.  Therefore, I think that this app has a very high reuse value. 
Final Verdict: 
With awesome graphics, fun game play, and awesome songs to jam to, Tap Tap Dance gets 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Tapulous justs needs to remove some bugs. 

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