Twitter Dilemma

As most of you know, I created a twitter account for TeenCast.  I created it for the following reasons:
1) To interact with my viewers and see their tweets
2) To help my viewers stay connected with my blog and get notified when I have a new post, video, etc.
3) To give out free iPhone/iPod Touch apps

I have been getting to many emails, DM’s, etc. involving Free iPhone app giveaways, and TeenCast is so much more than that.

So, I decided to start giving out free iPhone/ iPod Touch apps on my NEW twitter account:

I love my followers and I really love seeing their tweets, so I really hope that you guys continue to follow TeenCast’s original Twitter account.  I will still be posting my reviews, blog posts, videos, etc. on the “TeenCast” twitter account.  The only difference is that iPhone/iPod Touch giveaways will move to “FreeiPhoneapps” were it will suit a broader audience, and will be easily distinguished for its purpose.

Thanks for understanding,


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