Speck TuckPack Review

Always being on the go, I’ve been looking for something efficient to carry my computer in.  I’ve tried it all, or at least most of it.  Its very difficult to find a GOOD case, there’re all either too bulky, or it is so scanty and unprotective, that there is no point carrying those around.

But that all changed once I heard about the TuckPack, by Speck.  Most of you are probably familiar with Speck, and those of you who arent, Speck is a company that mainly focuses in making accessories for Apple computers, iPods, and iPhones.

As soon as I opened the packaging of my TuckPack, I knew that this had the best of both worlds.  The interesting part about this sleeve is that it also comes with a strap to put on your shoulder!  So its a sleeve that you dont have to carry, but can throw on your shoudler, which I think is something unique for a sleeve.

When I first put the MacBook (White) in the sleeve, I noticed the inside of the sleeve is made of Blue Microfiber, so it doesn’t leave any scratches on the surface of the computer.  I also noticed that its made of a thick, yet light-weight material with protects the laptop inside nicely.

I actually found the TuckPack sleeve to be BOTH a case and a sleeve, since it looks like a case, but it is thin and easy to carry around like a sleeve.  The TuckPack also features something most sleeves don’t, an extra pocket to keep you papers, iPod, etc.  Sleeves made by other companies are compact, but they all don’t have the protection and features that the Speck TuckPack Sleeve offers.  The only downside to the sleeve is that although the front cover of the sleeve Velcro securely closes the flap on the TuckPack, it would have been nice so have a zipper at where the computer slips into and where the extra papers you might have go into for added security.

The TuckPack is availible in two patterns, Speakeasy Black Pinstripe (The Pattern I reviewed), and Coffeehouse Brown.  The pictures below that I took are of Speakeasy Black Pinstripe, as that was the only color I had.

In the end, I think the sleeve is a great substitute for both a bulky case and a miniature sleeve.  The TuckPack Sleeve offers similar protection to a general case, yet the compactness of a sleeve, and some extra useful features as well, and it truly does offer the best of both worlds as it appeals to the professional business man, and to a simple teen, and every laptop should have the opportunity to be carried around in one.

Pros:  Nice Size, Protection, Optional Shoulder band, Extra pocket for papers.

Cons: Not too many color choices, no zipper


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