Zombie Attack Review

Developer: IUGO Mobile Entertainment

Price: $1.99

Version Reviewed: 1.2.1

iPhone Integration Rating: 5

User Interface Rating: 4

Replay/Re-use Value: 3

Overall: 4

Zombie Attack is an arcade game with a modern twist, with features like an accelerometer-based person, an excellent iPhone integration rating, and an above average UI.

Similar to Soul Trapper, an application I’ve reviewed recently, the UI in Zombie Attack is pretty good, but nothing to marvel. There are no major glitches, the menu is easy, effective, and reliable, which makes it an average, or 3 star UI. What brought this average up was the fun way that the developers implemented the accelerometer in the game. This is why I give this game’s UI 4 stars. Some things that I would recommend the developer implementing in the game is a different game structure. As this is an arcade game, the structure of the game, as in the levels and organization, could use a makeover where there is a quick break and option to save your score after every few levels. My personal experiance with this application was OK, but I’m not crazy about gory games, and since this one shows blood, it isn’t my favorite game. Since, like I said, this is an arcade game, you will play it maybe 10 times and get tired of it. To some who like arcade games, Zombie Attack will seem like a great game, but to those who are into other types of games, even the low price of $1.99 may be to high for the experience an fun you’re going to get out of this game.

Overall, Zombie Attack can be a great game, depending on the genre of iPhone Apps you’re into. At the low price of $1.99, you can always give it a try.

Note: On IUGO’s website, Zombie Attack is sold for just 99 cents. Look for Zombie Attack under IUGO’s “Games/Works” page.


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