Windows 7

So many questions are coming up around the internet about Windows 7. People are figuring out, based on the very little amount of videos, that there may be a chance of “Power to the People”, because the reviewers seem to say that it will have that shiny, modern interface that everyone loves about Windows Vista, and pretty much everything else in the OS will get an overhaul. Of course, very little of these ideas are originally Microsoft’s. They come from Apple, but get tweaked so they will fit into the Windows interface. This means that Microsoft is going to win this long battle against Apple, since they put the Apple OS X features inside their OS, but Windows computers will still be 2-4 times cheaper. If you’re tired of my blab, and you want to see some real videos, go here, here, here, or even here.

Hope everyone likes my Soul Trapper Review right under this post! Please give me feedback so I can make an even better Zombie Attack review!


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  1. Meh, well I don’t like Windows 7, to be honest. I uninstalled it after 2 months of testing. The reason being was that many features were a little too complicated. For example, that bottom taskbar was a little complicated to use. They removed classic view on the Control Panel. Also, the computer kept lagging a lot. Lastly, many features, like Aero Shake and Device Stage, didn’t work as I thought. Also, the battery didn’t last for the length of when the laptop that I was using could withstand 5 hours on battery on Vista. I reported it and then I started to have enough of it. I uninstalled Windows 7 and rolled it back to Windows Vista.

    Well, in any case, I’m getting a Macbook in a couple of months, so…

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