Soul Trapper Review

Developer: RealTime Associates
Price: $7.99 as of 1/24/09
Version Reviewed: 1.0

iPhone Integration Rating: 5
User Interface: 4
Reuse Value: 5
Overall: 4.5 stars

Soul Trapper is an audio adventure used for entertainment purposes. It features a clean interface, a streamlined gameplay, and some really good effects. The interface is clean, nothing special or better than your average iPhone app. The gameplay is streamlined and easy to learn, but you don’t really know your long-term goal. The feature that earns it a high overall rating from me is the AMAZING audio effects cleverly implemented into the app. The feeling is kind of like when you read a book, and you can picture the events happening.

I couldn’t bring myself to giving the UI of this application 5 stars because it doesn’t have anything special. Of course, I have to commend the simplicity of the interface, and say that while reviewing this application, I really wasn’t looking at the UI that much, the game seemed more important. One suggestion I have to the developers is to give an introduction level to give the people an idea of how the app works. During the approximate hour I tested the game, I had a lot of fun, and would like to congratulate the developers of Soul Trapper on their achievement for making a really cool and unique app.

Overall, Soul Trapper is a unique application opening up a whole new genre of audio based applications on the App Store. I definitely recommended.

Note: It is rated 12+. See App Store for details.


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