AirwaySim: Full Review

  • Product Reviewed-Version: Airwaysim-1.0
  • Mozilla Firefox Integration rating: 5 stars

You’ve probably seen my quick post about AirwaySim, but as promised, I am providing you with a full AWS review, which is probably one of the first on the web, since the game came out yesterday. Since this is an online game, I’ve decided to review it in three different categories: User Interface, Price Versus Performance, and Reuse Value.

  • User Interface: 4 stars, The user interface in this game is OK, but in the context and the way people use it, I think that the interface is fine. The game is fully online, so it has a website interface, even in the game. A big plus in the user interface, though is the overall simplicity of the game. After trying just about every single online airline game, this ne has the neatest, most simple and upbeat inteface that makes you want to play the game all day long. This has brought me to rate the User Interface of AirwaySim 4 stars.
  • Price Versus Performance: 4.5 stars, Since the performance of the game is high, and the price is relatively low. I gave Price Versus Performance 5 stars, because performance is 6 stars, and price is 4 stars, and it evens out. One problem is they advertise a demo, but in their demo, they leave out all the good features, so you have to know you’ll like the game, because the demo won’t help. The price is about 6 bucks for a 3 month game, and you can go bankrupt 4 times for free, than you have to repay 10 credits (about 6 bucks) to play again. Remember, you have to be “into” airlines to play this game, because it’s not fun if you don’t know about them. The performance of the game is amazing, with few bugs, because it went through months of beta testing. This is why I rates AirwaySim’s Price Versus Performance 4.5 stars.
  • Reuse Value: 5 stars, AirwaySim is so addicting! When you’re trying a new route in your airline, and you want to see how it goes, you’ll probably want to check. In some other online airline games I’ve played, you had to wait a real day to see if you were making money. In this game, the developers constructed and implemented the “accelerated real-time” mode. This mode means that 25 minutes is a real game day in AirwaySim. So you can make a new business plan, eat lunch, and then come back to see how your plan is working out. The bottom line is, there always seems a reason to check the game, at least, that’s how it’s been for me the last few months when I tested the game! These are the reasons why I rated AirwaySim’s Reuse Value 5 stars.
  • Wrap-Up: Here are the ratings for each category, and an overall rating for AirwaySim.
  • User Interface: 4 stars
  • Price Versus Perfomance: 4.5 stars
  • Reuse Value: 5 stars
  • Overall AirwaySim rating: 4.5 stars

Thank you for reading my AirwaySim review. If you have any questions about the game, please comment the page.


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